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Stone Floor Cleaning & Marble Polish

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There are many reasons for using stone floor cleaning products. The most important is to keep clean a area that has probably cost quite a lot to buy and install, as keeping it perfect will help to retain its original colour and finish which are probably the reasons it was bought in the first place. There are a variety of stone floor cleaning wax products on the market today such as Fila Cleaner, Fila PS 87, Fila Deterdek, Fila PH Zero, Fila No Spot, Fila De-Wax or Lithofin Wexa, Lithofin Wax Off and many others.

Some stone floor cleaners are good and some are not so good. In many cases products are used that are not designed for the job, such as washing up liquid. Although it may appear to improve the surface, it generally leaves a thin film on the surface which attracts dirt and in a short period of time the stone floor sealer is dirty again. It is not always a good idea to use general purpose goods that could damage the stone floor wax or attract more dirt to the surface. It is very important to know what is in the cleaner that you buy.  Some contain bleach or acids which can cause damage. 

Acidic products can damage your surface, particularly if it is a polished natural material. The acid may burn the surface of a marble floor polish area and will, in some cases, eat into the surface of the area causing damage that can only be repaired by grinding the surface to remove the damage and then re-polishing. However, some acidic stone floor cleaners can be used on granite to remove limescale, or on glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles to remove some stains without adverse effect. Care should be taken with marble floor polish and advice should be sort before using them.

Generally speaking, the best maintenance cleaners are those that are pH Neutral, making them as gentle as pure water but more effective at cleaning. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14 and measures how acidic a substance is. A product with a pH of 7 is neutral. A pH less than 7 is acidic. A pH greater than 7 is alkaline.

The pH scale is defined by a logarithmic equation but, to simplify this, each whole pH value below 7 is ten times more acidic than the next higher value.

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For example, pH 4 is ten times more for example, pH 4 is ten times more acidic than pH 5 and 100 times (10 times 10) more acidic than pH 6.The same applies to pH values above 7, each of which is ten times more alkaline than the next lower whole value. For example, pH 10 is ten times more alkaline than pH 9 and 100 times (10 times 10) more alkaline than pH 8. Examples of acidic substances are vinegar and lemon juice, whereas Lye, milk of magnesia, and ammonia are examples of alkaline substances.

The pH scale goes from 1 to 14, 1 = acidic and 14 = alkaline. When considering cleaning it is essential, as has been detailed above, to look carefully at your requirements and choose wisely. Stone floor sealers from Lithofin, Fila, LTP and HG are designed to improve stone appearence. Get advice if not totally sure what you need - you can call our Freephone helpline on 01442 831200 and get the right advice. The use of cleaning products is an essential part of protecting your surface. It will keep your surface looking smart and help to remove germs and bacteria to keep your surfaces environmentally acceptable. There are different type of materials and coverings available; from wood, vinyl, carpet, stone, concrete and many others, however, we will concentrate on products for cleaning terracotta, terrazzo, ceramic and porcelain.

The term “stone” includes all natural stone, the more popular and better known being sandstone, limestone, travertine, marble, basalt and granite. All of these will require different cleaners depending on the job to be done. When using stone floor wax that contains acid, remember that it should not be used on wax stone because it will attack the stone floor wax finish and leave it dull; however, certain acid cleaners can and are used on ceramics including porcelain (which is a form of ceramic tile). A floor wax product is designed to carry out a specific job and therefore you will quite often find that the instructions on the back of the bottle or carton will tell you what the product should be used for.

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